Lease Early Termination

We can work with you to terminate your lease early when the following items are met:

  • You will forfeit your security deposit to pay our fee to locate a new tenant replacement.
  • You will be required to allow us access for showings immediately and with one hour notice.
  • The home should be in show condition until the new tenant is placed.
  • You will continue to pay rent until the very day your replacement tenant moves into the unit.
  • You will have the unit professionally cleaned immediately to enhance showings.
  • You will keep utilities on until new tenant is placed.
  • You will pay utilities to a zero balance.
  • Normal wear and tear will not apply so please vacate the unit in the same condition when you moved in.

When the conditions are met, here is what you will receive:

  • We will pay for all marketing cost to locate a new the new tenant.
  • You will receive a letter stating the early termination will not negatively impact your credit history.
  • You will not be responsible for the remainder of the rental balance.