Whether you have recently moved and wish to rent your previous home, or inherited a property, or acquired a property, or many other reasons and now need management services, we have the ability to step in with a range of property management services tailored to your property’s needs.

We provide full management of properties from the beginning: previewing and assessments, renovations, marketing, vetting A Plus tenants, Move in, on-going management, lease renewals, move out, on going assessments of properties, maintenance packages, repairs.  Unlike many of our competitors, these services are available a la carte.

Vetting A Plus Tenants
Tenant Placement
Ongoing management of tenant
We offer full maintenance and repair packages
We make rent collection a snap!
Repair requests are addressed urgently


Renovations & Upgrades

We have the ability to provide renovation cost and apply that cost to rental income.


Our vetting process is second to none. From pulling tax records, bank statements, employment history, rental history, and more. No exceptions! We want you to feel safe and secure knowing that through MJ Howard Group, you’ll only be matched with the best tenants. 


I’ve been working with Michael and his team for about seven years. My husband and I have had them manage and care for our homes while across the country in California. It is a relief having such a responsive, capable support system in place, especially being on the West coast! From generating new tenants and expediting repairs to handling the nuisances of renting a home, each member of the team has their unique role to make the whole process run smoothly. Renting a house to call home, as well as renting out your home to be lived in by a “stranger,” can cause a lot of emotions and situations to arise. The team has the art of easing concerns and pulling everyone together to create a positive, fulfilling experience all around. They will always be who we turn to for managing our property!

Shelly Roca

Michael and Michelle are both super accommodating and have made sure I always have everything I need. Very welcoming and always available to help when I have any questions or concerns. The property is excellently maintained, and Michelle has always impressed me with her organization and promptness. Super friendly (which isn’t necessary when it comes to property management but makes ALL the difference in the experience I’ve had). I have felt very welcomed in the first few months and am looking forward to many more. Would definitely work with them again in the future.

Jessica Crisler

Deloach and Ramsey Investment Group has partnered with MJ Howard since we started our investment group. He and his team are very professional and dedicated to what they do. They are very personable and caring and we would not think of placing our properties with anyone else. We recommend them to all of our friends. We appreciate all that you do..


We have been working with MJ Howard Group for almost 2 years. They take care of our out of state property. We are extremely pleased with them. They take pride in their work. The costs are very reasonable. They communicate very well and are proactive (including reaching out to check in). They have helped us with many minor fixes and even larger projects. They have won our trust, and we are very happy to have them taking care of our property.

Scott Monson

The MJ Howard team is my partner of choice when it comes to managing my rental. They have extensive knowledge about the industry, and their customer service to owners and tenants alike is excellent. Tyler is the man of 1000 solutions. I appreciate his diligence to solve issues before they become problems, and his proactive suggestions are always helpful when it comes to maintenance. I love this TEAM!

La'Bonnae Kea

I am a homeowner and have used the MJ Howard Group to rent and maintain my property for a number of years.
Michael, Tyler, and JT are extremely professional and courteous, not
only dealing with me but also the tenants. Any issues that have occurred are always honestly and efficiently dealt with.
I cannot recommend them highly enough for all aspects of Real Estate.

Andrew Just

Our experience with The MJ Howard Group has been nothing less than exceptional. They are very professional and compassionate about what they do. Michael, Tyler, and JT you have always gone beyond our expectations when placing tenants/families in our properties.
Your ability to communicate and keep us in the loop during the entire process is outstanding. You guys rock and we are pleased to have you on our team!!!!


Working with the MJ Howard Group has been incredible. They have been exceptional throughout the entire process of getting my Grant Park property set up as a rental. They are very professional, timely and communication is above and beyond. I live across the country now, but feel my Atlanta house is in great hands with the MJ Howard Group. Highly recommended.

Chris Lusk

What can I say? MJ Howard Group, Michael, Leslie, and his staff have been my godsend. They took properties of mine that were losing money and turned them into moneymakers. I was spending time dealing with renters, and repairs, and collecting rent in situations where I did not have the extra time. MJ Howard Group took care of all for me. Their monthly fee was minimal for the time it gave me to do my things in my personal life, and the sense of security of knowing that the houses were being taken care of well. Michael Howard is a good man who one can trust. He will tell things honestly and is very knowledgeable. When it came time to sell one of them, MJ Howard Group made the process easy. The house was left in excellent condition under their care. with only minor repairs and the house sold in 2 weeks. One would be crazy to go into the house rental business and not use a property management company. For me, words cannot describe the gratitude and the excellent service provided by MJ Howard Group.

Antonio Ferrara

The MJ Howard group has wonderful individuals who are professional, courteous, and proficient in what they do. Each time I have a vacancy, I depend on them and know that I will end up getting an excellent tenant, who is properly screened by them. They do a thorough job and are always ready to help in any way they can. They provide helpful suggestions and have an excellent way to follow up with both me and the tenants. I recommend them to anyone who wants to remove the “guesswork” out of getting a good tenant and have these professionals handle it for you and they are super quick too!.

Saba Yohannes